Culver City Real Estate

    Culver City makes up five square miles mostly surrounded by the city of Los Angeles. It’s considered one of the centers for television production and is home to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studios, National Public Radio West, Sony Pictures Entertainment and the NFL Network. Culver City isn’t just industry and studio though, over the years it has become a vibrant community with arts, culture and some of L.A.’s best dining.

    Downtown Culver City has started growing over the past few years and new cocktail bars, restaurants, bakeries and shops are popping up all over this charming city. Enjoy a great steak at Hatchet Hall, some Texas-style brisket at Maple Block Meat Co., a classic deli sandwich at Johnnie’s Pastrami, or some modern Italian cuisine at Wildcraft. For those looking for some peace and quiet, Culver City also offers a charming and sleepy locale outside the city.

    Culver City offers some of the most reasonable prices in Greater Los Angeles with a median home price of around $950K. Since home prices are on the rise in Culver City, it’s not a bad time to snag an investment property. This is an area of Southern California likely only to grow in value as Greater Los Angeles continues to expand.