Beverly Hills Real Estate

    The 90210 – one of the nation’s most exclusive and recognizable zip codes. A group of investors who were hunting for oil in the early 1900s, but instead found water, developed this once farmland into a city. And while this piece of California history is known across the world for its ties to the glitz and glam of the movie industry, you might be surprised to hear that only 35,000 residents call Beverly Hills home.

    The film and song lyric cameos that this Los Angeles municipality claims may cause outsiders to think this the small town is all party all the time, but it’s a quiet, family-oriented community. This desirable zip code comes at a price with a median home value of over $3M.

    Locals often split the town into “North of the Tracks” and “South of the Tracks.” The North includes neighborhoods like The Flats near Beverly Gardens Park for the avid runner in the family, and the quaint and quiet residential area of Beverly Hills Gateway.

    In the South, you’ll find the practical amenities of Downtown Beverly Hills and the more upscale lifestyle of Rodeo Drive. If you’re looking for a more reasonably priced home for Beverly Hills, try Doheny SW & SE. And for those looking for more green space to enjoy an active lifestyle, Roxbury Park or La Cienega Park can offer just that. Regardless of preferences, you don’t have to travel far to find a beautiful piece of property in Beverly Hills.

    For the area’s best shopping and for for those looking to be seen, you’ll want to hit Rodeo Drive. Enjoy one of the city’s best brunch spots at Viviane, a glass of wine at Wally’s, some of California’s best sushi at Nozawa Bar, or a more refined evening enjoying the tasting menu at Maude. Beverly Hills is spilling over with hot spots for any appetite or preference.